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The second trailer for Thor: The Dark World has been released!!!

Gah, now I'm all excited! Thor shirtless! The ponytail! Thor using whirling throw! Thor having a heart to heart with Heimdall! I want it all! Now!

In unrelated story, I've found some more hilarious tidbits while watching F1 documentaries and reading books about James Hunt. For example he and Niki Lauda had been briefly flatmates in London in 1971. And apparently that prompted Niki to offer this oft-cited comment: "I enjoy sex as much as the next man. Unless the next man is James Hunt."

Hee! Oh Niki, are you calling James a slut? ;-)


Aug. 1st, 2013 08:10 am
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Two new posters for Rush:

I've watched recently the BBC documentary "Hunt vs Lauda: F1's greatest Racing Rivals" about the 1976 season. It was amazing, I can totally see how Ron Howard was inspired to make a movie about this. I wonder how many of the various twists and turns will be in the film. Personally I hope for a re-enactment of a photo of Hunt shirtless and wearing a kind of a chain leash, which was accompanied by this story told by Alaistar Caldwell, the McLaren F1 team leader:

We had to get up early in the morning to go out to the warm-up. And he came down... dishevelled with this lady... obviously had, you know, anyway, dishevelled might be the best way of putting it... staggered off to the race track, won the race!


I also loved the bits about James and the McLaren sponsors - Marlboro:

(cough cough) Excuse me, I've beent training for my new sponsors.

Turning up to a dinner party in black tie and flip flops was, to James, pretty normal. And because he had this, what the British call savoir faire, he was able to sort of carry it off.

It was the first and probably only example of the sponsor being molded by the driver and not vice versa.

There were RPSy bits as well:

Niki, he spent time in our pits. He was always visiting us. [...] For sure Niki was in awe of James' good looks and personality. You know, James was the good-looking playboy, and Niki was the small Austrian that looked like a rat. [...] They were good friends. Though on the racetrack, of course, no quarter given.

Can't wait to see these examples of the racetrack insanity:

(about the Great Britain Grand Prix) James' car vaulted on the left front corner, but being a McLaren, it didn't break. And being James, with two pints of adrenaline, he didn't stop. He charged off with two front wheels splayed out like this.

(about the Japan Grand Prix, when the track dried out causing James' wet weather tyres to overheat) Eventually he wore all the rubber off them, all the canvas, down to the air, and he had two flat tyres. Because he had two flat tyres we couldn't jack the car up very well, [...] so it took us like 24 seconds or something to change the tyres.

So, after finishing the race:

James Hunt came into the pits in a rage. And as the McLaren team gathered round, James got out of the car, pulled off his crash helmet, started to rant and rave at them.

It took them a while to get through to him with the news that he won :-)
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The Comic Con has come and gone, bringing with it some horrible spoilers, and pretty pretty art:

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Rush has a new trailer:

Driven by each other :snicker:

Showdown between you and Niki is all anyone wants to see. Hee!
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There are no recent Thor 2 news. However, the filming of Cyber has moved to Hong Kong. And a great featurette about Rush has been released:

I'm looking forward to it more and more! Also, I LOLed when right after Chris' line "Next time I'll have you." they cut to the interview with Ron Howard saying how in the seventies sex was safe and driving was dangerous. Heh, like the film's premise isn't slashy enough already ;-)


Jun. 20th, 2013 08:19 am
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News round-up:

  • Thor 2 got a new composer.

  • Cyber continues being filmed in LA, but there are more and more exotic locations to come being announced. Most recently Kuala Lumpur.

  • Cillian Murphy joined In the Heart of the Sea - They are certainly making up for the totally unappealing to me subject matter with the casting :-)

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There hasn't been any news about Thor 2 while I was on holiday, but Cyber started filming. And as per the set pictures below Chris Hemsworth cut his hair :gasp:

Oh well, it'll grow back... ;-)
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There were some new stills from Thor 2 in the newest Empire. I love this one:

Digital Spy had some worrying news about the film, though.

Apparently the composer has been changed, which is confirmed. More worryingly it was also reported that the director was forced on a long leave of absence. This has not been confirmed, so I hope is not true. Not that I'm a big Alan Taylor fan, but if the director gets all but fired at this point, there is very little chance the film will not turn out to be a hot mess. And while I already knew that Thor 2 being good was a long shot (what with it being a sequel and having a different director than the first film) I was hoping it at least wouldn't be awful...
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The thing I love about Tumblr is that you are guaranteed to find at least one post that will make you laugh each time you check it. Here are two I've seen recently that still make me crack up:



May. 16th, 2013 09:14 am
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It didn't take too long after the news from last week for the Save Thor initiative to pop up.

Personally, I still can't feel too emotional about the prospect of Thor being recast for Avengers 2. I mean, in the first Avengers Thor was on the screen for maybe half an hour, and for most of that it was to stand in the background and look god-like. He might as well have been stuck in the glass cage for good right after he provided the exposition about Loki's plans for all the impact he's had on the story. There's nothing to suggest it wouldn't be more of the same in Avengers 2 :shrug:

That having been said, I don't see how Marvel can think Thor 3 without Chris Hemsworth could possibly work. Recasting is far easier to do with a character that either wears a cowl, is not the hero but just supporting cast, or if the film is a reboot instead of a continuation. So no, Marvel, you can't pull it off. This is Thor:

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In case you haven't heard the big news, there is talk of Marvel having trouble signing actors up for Avengers 2.

Looks like the long-standing battle of brands vs. stars is coming to a head. It's certainly going to be interesting to see who folds first, and what happens if the roles do get re-cast. Personally, I tend to watch films with my favourite actors in it, or by my favourite directors, so unless they cast, say, Tom Hardy, I'll have no interest in the Avengers 2 without Chris Hemsworth. But I can totally see how comic books fans, or Whedon fans, might not care who plays the characters one way or the other.

I will say this, though - I would miss Thor's bulk on Chris. Ron Howard, who seems to have adopted Chris as his muse, is for some reason intent on starving the poor guy. Literally, since he's now got him to play a starved whale-hunter in In the Heart of the Sea. I'd much rather Chris played Thor... :is shallow:

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I should be in bed, since I'm one of the poor suckers who actually have to go to work tomorrow (honestly, what is it with people insisting to be paid even when there's a bank holiday?! Completely unreasonable if you ask me.) Anyway, I don't feel very sleepy since Tumblr has again made me giggle like crazy. It seems the Thor 2 trailer being shown in front of Iron Man 3 has made quite an impact on the unsuspecting audience. Check these pearls of wisdom:

“Ladies, can you please restrain your Thorgasms until the end of the movie?”
— My friend’s reaction to the Thor 2 trailer

Heh, yeah, easy to say, harder to do :-)

“Chris Hemsworth is CGI. He’s actually Andy Serkis.”

I... can totally see how one might reach that conclusion ;-)

and an unrelated gif set:

Hee! Unfortunately Superman has already been cast...
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With all the excitement of the trailer I've almost missed the fact that we now also have the poster for Thor 2:

[Marvel president of production Kevin] Feige says that the poster was taken from a typical shooting day during the second Thor solo adventure, this time directed by Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones).

“It’s rare that you have a poster that is just Chris Hemsworth shooting on the set,” says Feige. “But he just looks like Thor. We just put in some lightning, and he’s got his hammer and you’re there. It’s just an incredibly striking image.”

Yes, yes it is :nods fervently:
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Ok, now that I've had some time to take it in and fix the embedding (honestly, how do they expect me to concentrate with Thor looking this hot?!) here are my thoughts on the trailer.

It actually looks much better than I'd hoped. Makes me interested in the story. I love the fighting scenes, particularly the Mjolnir slam (triangle circle! I'm afraid after playing the Thor video game so much I'll be mentally translating all of Thor's moves into PS3 controller commmands ;-)).

It looks like this time Jane might actually be relevant to Thor's story, though I do hope it's going to be in more ways than just by serving as the damsel in distress. Oh well, at least Sif looks as fierce as ever.

I LOVE that Thor has finally stopped being a push-over when it comes to Loki. Although I have to admit that his line "when you betray me I will kill you" is as heartbreaking as it is bad-ass, because he finally realised that it's not a question of "if"...

Also, way to make Loki look as haggard as possible. Amazingly I have still seen posts gushing about his hotness in the trailer. Sometimes fandom can really be hillarious :-)


Mar. 21st, 2013 08:48 am
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My grandfather's funeral's today, so Thor's day comes in very handy because I can really use looking at Thor and his amazing smile.

cut for pic size )
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OT: Red Dawn is coming to UK cinemas tomorrow. By all accounts it's a really bad film, but honestly?

Red Dawn 04

I don't care ;-)
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I have a fic rec today - FUBAR. It's really Clint's story, but Thor is featured as well, and it has probably my favourite bit of fanon:

Clint looked up. "You taste like peppermint schnapps."

Thor sounded strangled. "Indeed? Each human I've been with has said I taste like something different."

Mmmmm. He smells like what you like best, too. Forget AllSpeak, this is awesome!

The author also makes this excellent point:

"Hey, wait--" Clint protested, and slapped his hand out, hitting Thor's chest just where he thought he would, knotting his hand in Thor's shirt -- a T-shirt, or something else soft -- and pulling forward.

It was impossible to actually pull an Asgardian god forward. The shirt would rip first, or Clint would do exactly what he did, and topple himself off his feet, staggering into Thor. That worked, too. Thor laughed, one arm going around Clint's back, steadying him and pulling him toward the bed.


Clint laughed, and sat up, catching Thor's shoulder and heaving him over--

Except Thor didn't go anywhere.

"Wait -- is this what you wanted?" Thor asked, and fell back, pulling Clint on top of him.

Hee! How true that manhandling Thor is just not possbile for a human ;-)
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A whole lot more pictures from the Empire photoshoot have been released, so feast your eyes:

cut for more )

And here are some gifs:

I do love that they did the photoshoot so close to filming Thor 2, because it's most almost like a photo session with the actual Thor ;-)
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I've found this handy costume comparison on Tumblr. Now that I see them side by side I have to say I probably like the "Thor 2" version the best, despite the flap. One of the tings I really love about it is that the trousers are leather over chainmail (you can't really see it on this front pic, but it looks great from the side) which I find really interesting.


I've also found the below concept art, though I have no idea if that was for the films. I doubt it, considering that there is just no way an actor could move in the first one, and the second one doesn't seem very family friendly. Which is a shame, because I certainly wouldn't mind Thor looking like that ;-)

concept art
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Happy Valentine's Day, flist! Have a valentine from Thor :-) Keep in mind Tony Stark admitted he hadn't explained the concept of the holiday to Thor very well...
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