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Two new posters for Rush:

I've watched recently the BBC documentary "Hunt vs Lauda: F1's greatest Racing Rivals" about the 1976 season. It was amazing, I can totally see how Ron Howard was inspired to make a movie about this. I wonder how many of the various twists and turns will be in the film. Personally I hope for a re-enactment of a photo of Hunt shirtless and wearing a kind of a chain leash, which was accompanied by this story told by Alaistar Caldwell, the McLaren F1 team leader:

We had to get up early in the morning to go out to the warm-up. And he came down... dishevelled with this lady... obviously had, you know, anyway, dishevelled might be the best way of putting it... staggered off to the race track, won the race!


I also loved the bits about James and the McLaren sponsors - Marlboro:

(cough cough) Excuse me, I've beent training for my new sponsors.

Turning up to a dinner party in black tie and flip flops was, to James, pretty normal. And because he had this, what the British call savoir faire, he was able to sort of carry it off.

It was the first and probably only example of the sponsor being molded by the driver and not vice versa.

There were RPSy bits as well:

Niki, he spent time in our pits. He was always visiting us. [...] For sure Niki was in awe of James' good looks and personality. You know, James was the good-looking playboy, and Niki was the small Austrian that looked like a rat. [...] They were good friends. Though on the racetrack, of course, no quarter given.

Can't wait to see these examples of the racetrack insanity:

(about the Great Britain Grand Prix) James' car vaulted on the left front corner, but being a McLaren, it didn't break. And being James, with two pints of adrenaline, he didn't stop. He charged off with two front wheels splayed out like this.

(about the Japan Grand Prix, when the track dried out causing James' wet weather tyres to overheat) Eventually he wore all the rubber off them, all the canvas, down to the air, and he had two flat tyres. Because he had two flat tyres we couldn't jack the car up very well, [...] so it took us like 24 seconds or something to change the tyres.

So, after finishing the race:

James Hunt came into the pits in a rage. And as the McLaren team gathered round, James got out of the car, pulled off his crash helmet, started to rant and rave at them.

It took them a while to get through to him with the news that he won :-)


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