Mar. 5th, 2007

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You know how terrified I was of the Deathly Hallows' imminent release, right? Well, there might be hope for me yet - I just might develop a new obsession before then, which will take the sting out of the possible Draco's and/or Lucius's demise. And it's all thanks to my dear friend [ profile] maggie33.

She started watching "Veronica Mars" and told me it was being recapped on Television Without Pity by Couch Baron. Because I'm a Couch Baron fangirl ever since his absolutely brilliant recaps of Oz's seasons one and two, I figured I could download this "Veronica Mars" just for the pleasure of reading his take on it.

Oddly, the show turned out to be even better than the recaps. It's got some of the best lines ever ("You got a trophy for a rimjob?") and the most blatant HoYay (from Logan and Duncan wearing matching underwear to Logan and Weevil, who are so hot for each other that, as Couch Baron aptly put it, "no matter what invective these two may say to each other, it comes out sounding like 'My loins will explode if I don't take you in my arms RIGHT NOW.'"). Most surprisingly of all, it also has a het pair that makes me melt in all the right places - Logan/Veronica (who knew I was only a slasher until the right het pairing came along? Heh, ok, not really, but I am cheering for them and rewatching all their snogging scenes far more often than is probably healthy.)

None of that would ever manage to distract me from HP, however, if it hadn't been for Logan. A rich "psychotic jackas", classist, both violent and vulnerable, and snarkier than a dozen recappers. He and he alone stands a chance to seduce me away from Draco, and he has 4 months to do it. So go, Logan, go! I'm counting on you, man!


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