Aug. 22nd, 2013

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Apparently there's a featurette about Thor 2 on the Iron Man 3 DVD/bluray. It's also available online:

I should be more excited, but I'm all about Rush these days, and there are new stills every day, eg:

Mmm, that is certainly nice, but I can't help noticing that once again film!James seems awfully overdressed. Real!James threw a hissy fit when he noticed his sponsorship deal with Marlboro had a dress code clause and John Hogan had to personally reassure him no one would ever think of trying to reinforce it. Which he later certainly regretted:

Hogan needed Hunt to attend a reception at Prince Rainier's palace on the hill, but Hunt wouldn't be coaxed out of his t-shirt and shorts. Although Hogan finally got him to wear a blue blazer over the t-shirt, Hunt didn't tell his girlfriend (Jane Birbeck) where they were going, and she too was dressed for the beach. Prince Rainier didn't seem to mind, though, and Hunt remained typically oblivious to what other people thought - although Birbeck was mortified.

Hunt would do a lot for Marlboro. He spent time every night dutifully transferring his preferred Rothmans into Marlboro packets, which, considering he smoked over 60 cigarettes a day, had to be quite a task, but he would not accept impositions on what he should wear!

Jackie Stewart arranged a dinner for Formula One notables at the home of King Juan Carlos prior to the Spanish Grand Prix. As a mark of respect for the King, Hunt swapped his shorts for denim jeans(...). But when Hunt arrived in jeans, Stewart was mortified and went into a huddle with the King's aides. Together, they deemed to scrap the plan for a formal dinner and turned the occasion into a buffet supper by the swimming pool, for which Stewart deemed Hunt was more properly dressed. The King remained unaware of the original plans.

Heh, check out this group picture of F1 drivers from the 1975 season:

One of those things is not like the others :-)

ETA: This just in, Niki Lauda agrees with me: In an interview with London’s Daily Mail Lauda said of Hemsworth, “He is unbelievably good. I admit I was astonished when I saw Chris Hemsworth as James, he talked in just the same voice. But I would say there was just one difference: James always looked like he had just got out of bed, and Chris looked like he came from a beauty salon!”



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