Jan. 3rd, 2013

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I have a fic rec for you on this fine Thor's Day - Thunder is good, thunder is impressive, but it is lightning that does all the work.

The plot in the author's words is: Basically, Thor does the Avengers. And the Helicarrier crew. And not-so random visitors. The tags say: oh god oh god why did i answer this prompt; Crack Pairing; Maria Hill is always right; teamwork is a euphemism for sexytimes; the helicarrier is a flying brothel.

Based on that you'll be surprised to learn that there is very little actual sex in the story (though the few tantalising glimpses that are there are absolutely delicious!). Instead the fic mostly consists of various characters discussing the strange going-ons on the helicarrier as the mortals discover tha,t among other things, Thor is a sex god (or a god of fertility, same difference ;-)).Thor's unending enthusiasm, not to mention stamina, are bound to leave you impressed. Also, the story is utterly hilarious, as exemplified by the excerpt of a conversation between Tony and Bruce below:

The pieces clicked into place like a suit of armor. “You – you had sex with Thor!”

“You might want to say that again. I don’t think they heard you back in New York.” Bruce rolled his eyes and went back to his screen, as if data backup was more interesting than screwing a demi-god.

“I –this is…new. Yay for you getting back on the horse and all but – Thor?”

Bruce slid his glasses back on, looking every bit the angry librarian. “You’re seriously asking why I went after the blond Norse god.”



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