Oct. 3rd, 2013

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There have been new TV spots for Thor The Dark World released, with a few seconds of extra footage. The highlight being this:

I, however, am still obsessing over Rush and James Hunt. I’ve gone to Alastair Caldwell’s website and found this interesting insight on the Canadian Grand Prix in 1976:

The race warm up was at 10am and we had to leave the motel by seven. Normally I would have made him go to bed at 10pm, on his own, sober. But because we thought it was hopeless I just let him misbehave. (…) We were staying in a big hotel on the freeway up to Toronto. There was a band playing in the bar, a live band with a very pretty lead singer that caught James’ eye. Every break, after they’d played for half an hour, he’d trot her off to his room and then bring her back so that they could play again until the next break. This went on all evening and he got more and more pissed and so did I. At midnight I said: ‘I’m off to bed’ and he was still up, still servicing the lead singer. (…) The next day (…) we’d staggered drunkenly to the race track, did the warm up, and won the race.

Hee! He also wrote that before the Watkins Glen race he and James were dancing topless on a bar at one in the morning. Under those circumstances it’s hardly any wonder James was still asleep when Niki marched into his room before eight on race day ;-)

And since I haven't posted this yet, here's the real story of James Hunt as told by McLaren, in toon format:


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