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I got internet access back a few days ago, so welcome back LJ! It looks like a lot happened while I was unable to check my flist, but I am slowly catching up.

As for what was going on with me, well, I moved and was settling in, mostly. I did get to do other, more fun stuff during the last couple of weekends though.

Last week I attended "Breakout", a convention for fans of "Veronica Mars" and "Prison Break", which took place in Radisson Edwardian hotel by the Heathrow airport, and which was the most brilliant thing ever. It was organised as a way for people to meet the actors from those two shows: Jason Dohring who plays Logan Echolls on VM (SQUEE!), Michael Muhney who plays Sheriff Don Lamb on VM (SQUEEE!), Robet Knepper who plays T-Bag on PB (SQUEE!), Stacey Keach who plays warden Pope on PB (squee!), and a random guy called Marc Sheppard who's apparently in Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, but since I watch neither he was a completely random dude to me. My friend [ profile] maggie33 came all the way from Warsaw to attend the event with me, so that was an additional bonus.

Now, the best thing about "Breakout" was that it was quite small, no more than 250 people, which meant that I actually had a chance to meet and talk to the actors, and even cuddle up to them for the pictures. That's right people, I GOT TO HOLD MICHAEL MUHNEY AND ROBERT KNEPPER IN MY ARMS!! And I HAD JASON DOHRING'S ARM AROUND ME!! Not to mention that I got the most wonderful autographs from them - Jason Dohring thinks I'm wonderful, I have that in writing and Michael Muhney and I will always have Paris... er, London ;-) Robert Knepper's was the least personalised, but then I didn't get to talk to him all that much and thus stand out from the other fans. It's still lovely (and creepy), though :-)

Since Veronica Mars has been cancelled (I've actually learnt that from Jason during the convention, what with me being internetless), Breakout was a great chance to say goodbye to the show. I got to thank Jason for his amazing portrayal of Logan while looking straight into his beautiful hazel eyes (stress Jason's, I thought they were brown myself, but he really insists they're not).

That, BTW, was one of the funniest moments of the convention - Jason and Michael were answering questions together, Michael using the occasion to shamelessly flirt with Jason (and I do mean shamelessly, inviting him to the "topless cell" etc. :-)) and one of the (very) few guys in the audience asked them what three features they would consider the most attractive in themselves. Jason, possibly overwhelmed by Michael's flirting, proposed they answer the question about each other, and listed Michael's blue eyes as one of the three. When it was Michael's turn, he started talking about Jason's "brown" eyes, but Jason interrupted: "They're green, you fuck!" After a moment's thought he added, "All right, hazel." To which Michael said, laughing, "Now who's gay?" I really really wish there was more Logan/Sheriff Lamb fic out there :sigh: Or Jason/Michael RPS, for that matter.

This weekend I went to meet the t00bs in Regent's Park. It was great to see everyone, and meet some new people, even if the weather didn't cooperate. We have finally been forced to abandon ship and swim over to Kye's, where we spent the rest of the evening drinking and chatting. I had to leave early to get home before midnight, but it appears the festivities lasted well into the next day.

I think after all that excitement I'll just spend the next weekend quietly at home :-)
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I had the best Friday night partying at Sam's and Lucy's with the hosts and a whole bunch t00bs, many of whom I haven't seen in ages. There were [ profile] melusinahp, [ profile] joosetta, [ profile] lizardspots, [ profile] elanor_isolda, [ profile] annephoenix, [ profile] kuteki, [ profile] magic_at_mungos, [ profile] malachan, [ profile] purplethings, [ profile] shabzilla, [ profile] son_of_darkness and [ profile] wicked_vasquez present, as well as [ profile] maggie_malfoy and [ profile] mistful, whom I've never met before :waves:

The party was very Christmasy, with mulled wine, mince pies, the Christmas Lights Song on the stereo and festive decorations strewn all over everything. We even had a Santa Claus (or, well, Kye in a hat), who spread the holiday cheer by distributing out secret santa presents. I got a lovely green pendant and a hot chocolate set, which includes the cutest little grater ever :-) Thank you so much, secret Santa!

For all the Christmas atmosphere, however, the party was an unmistakable t00bage, as the following lines can attest:

[ profile] lazy_daze, waving absently towards the coffee table: "If you want gay porn, it's down there."

[ profile] elanor_isolda to [ profile] malachan, summing up the straight like Remus debate: "You're more into cock than I am!"

Hee! Both those quotes clearly need to be used in a fanfic ;-)

I left early-ish on Saturday morning to drag myself to bed, where I've been spending the rest of the weekend drifting on and off into sleep. Happy Christmas to everyone I didn't get to bid goodbye in person!
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I've said it once and I'm gonna say it again - there is no better way to spend a Friday evening than chatting about Draco while sipping vaguely alcoholic drinks :nods: Particularly when you're chatting with [ profile] melusinahp, [ profile] son_of_darkness and [ profile] waterbird. [ profile] theladymarauder,[ profile] joosetta along with her sister, [ profile] pitchblackrose and [ profile] naughtyhouseelf were also present, but unfortunately I didn't get to talk to them much. Still, I had the best time :-) I only wish I could attend Snape's pub Fridays more often :sigh:

I other news, I've finally learnt what the infamous Cassie Claire wank was all about. Huh. Now what I'd like to know is how an apparently gen (or did it get slashy later on?) story became so massively popular that it shaped fanon for years. It's one of those 'you had to be there to understand' things, isn't it? :scratches head:

P.S. The brilliant H/D story I told you about, [ profile] melusinahp and [ profile] waterbird, is "The Unintended".
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I had lovely time yesterday hanging out with [ profile] waterbird, [ profile] cryptic_thinky, [ profile] quiet_lucidity, [ profile] melusinahp, [ profile] tienriu, [ profile] annephoenix, [ profile] son_of_darkness and [ profile] wheatgerm in Regents Park. We were later joined by [ profile] elanor_isolda with a friend, whose name I'm ashamed to admit I have no idea how to spell (there are just too many possibilities, woe!), and (briefly) by [ profile] pitchblackrose and [ profile] naughtyhouseelf. The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious (particularly the pumpkin bread - thanks so much, [ profile] waterbird!), but the best thing of all was all the fannish discussion we indulged in. God how I love comparing views on particular characters and pairings, going meta on fanfic in general, scrutinising the books looking for clues for or against any wild theories circulating around the fandom, and coming up with new ones in the process, all with a bunch of fellow-fans. There's nothing better in the world! (BTW, [ profile] tienriu, here's a link to the Fanfic Symposium, as you can see there are quite a few columns on feedback and criticism)

From the t00bs being t00by part of the proceedings, Vee's emo!penguin deserves a special mention as it was a thing of beauty and I hope to get my hands on some of the pictures preserving it for posterity.

All in all, it was the best time I've had in a while :-)
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It's [ profile] son_of_darkness' birthday today, which the t00bs started celebrating yesterday evening in the Snape pub. I got there quite late, just before 8, but still managed to work my way through a couple of sins (BTW, I really don't recommend Greed, Envy's delicious, though) before we relocated to The Flat of Mildew, Vomit and Joy to start the party proper. The theme for the evening were angels and devils, and let me tell you, some of the costumes were truly amazing. [ profile] pitchblackrose posted the pictures [ profile] naughtyhouseelf has made already, but I'm still waiting for more. Meanwhile I'll just say that t00bs have finally proved beyond any doubt that a corset truly is a hellish invention as that's what most of the devils present were wearing ;-) And they all looked stunning, too.

Once the alcohol started flowing (though it did so in a rather narrower stream than usual) we've naturally started to play spin the bottle. Lots of hot snogging ensued, and here again I'd like to take the opportunity to demand pics. And videos! I got to kiss people I haven't previously, with the possible exception of [ profile] naughtyhouseelf, and there was also the added element of groping, which was nice.

After a while, in the interest of getting the orgy started, [ profile] starcrossedgirl offered herself to be molested. (Videos! Pictures!) For some reason the debauchery failed to spread, though, and so for the rest of the night the flat was filled with woeful cries of "Where's the sex?!" and "Why is no one naked?!" at regular intervals.

Around that time I've found a yaoi comic with a character that looked exactly like Draco Malfoy should, and naturally couldn't help myself but read it. It took me 24 pages to realise I was doing it wrong (should have read from right to left), but unfortunately following the story in the intended order improved neither its quality nor coherency. Still, the drawings were hot, so I spent the next couple of hours drooling over the Draco character and generously sharing his beauty with everyone within 3-foot-radius.

At around 4 or 5 the few of us left in the lounge decided to rest our eyes for a bit. It was an inspired idea, because even after 3 hours of sleep we were much more alert than those who managed to stay awake for the entire night. And we woke up just in time for that surreal early morning period of creativity, which this time resulted, among other things, with a sure way to wake someone up - you have to yell into their anus while tickling their ear with a feather (we've briefly considered doing it the other way 'round, but quickly agreed this would be much more effective). Luckily for them, the remaining sleepers all woke up on their own before we got the chance to test our breakthrough method.

And speaking of surreal creativity, other inventions of the night include the phrase - "straight like Remus" - which I am totally going to use in everyday conversations from now on. And at some point, [ profile] son_of_darkness, after a thorough analysis of the HP movies, came to the conclusion that Snape is awfully fond of the word "however", and improvised a deep and meaningful conversation Snape might have with someone using only that one word. Too bad it'll more than likely never get used in a fic :sigh:

So that's basically it, since the journey back home was uneventful, at least in my case. Hugs all around and see you all next time!
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The party season opened with a bang when [ profile] pitchblackrose and [ profile] naughtyhouseelf bravely invited a bunch of t00bs over to their place for a Christmas party. Which is a mistake they're not likely to repeat any time soon considering we're about as well behaved as a pack of drunken gibbons ;-)

The evening started off in a perfectly respectable manner. [ profile] wheatgerm, [ profile] purplethings and myself were chatting amiably and admiring the d├ęcor ([ profile] pitchblackrose and [ profile] naughtyhouseelf's flat is beautiful, BTW. They even have the floo network!), while our gracious hostess rushed to rescue [ profile] lazy_daze, [ profile] baleheadbabe, [ profile] son_of_darkness, [ profile] lizardspots, [ profile] joosetta, [ profile] shabzilla, [ profile] theladymarauder, [ profile] laura_the_auror and [ profile] malachan, who apparently got lost. They finally arrived just when [ profile] wheatgerm, [ profile] purplethings, [ profile] naughtyhouseelf and I were giggling madly at the first deleted scene from "Revenge of the Sith", and immediately began to tell us all about gibbons. Then [ profile] elanor_isolda and [ profile] progelatinous showed up, soon followed by [ profile] jenna_the_pagan, at which point the opening the secret santa presents commenced. And that's pretty much when all semblance of respectability vanished, because one of the gifts was a drinking game, which (obviously) needed to be tested. So the vodka began to flow, clothes began to disappear, and everyone was getting more and more merry. The drinking game was then abandoned for the sake of spin the bottle, and much snogging ensued. As I've noted during the proceedings, I got to snog people I haven't even friended, although I'm happy to report the matter has been rectified by now ;-)

Once the snogging was no longer enough, the party relocated to the bedroom and quickly turned into an orgy. As I wasn't nearly drunk enough to take part, and the role of an idle observer didn't particularly appeal to me, I've decided to forego the pleasures of the flesh for the sake of the pleasures of literature. For the record, I do believe Stephen Fry's books are intended to be read with the noises of an ongoing orgy in the background ;-) My lack of involvement actually proved to be useful, as every fifteen minutes someone would frantically rush in from the bedroom in search for handcuffs, or the key to the handcuffs, or the paddle with "slut" carved into it, or the ballgag, and I could helpfully point them in the right direction :-)

At around 4 or 5 [ profile] pitchblackrose and [ profile] naughtyhouseelf decided they want their bed back, and so those of us still present at that point moved to the Flat of Mildew, Vomit AND JOY to wait for the morning. We were all pretty dead by then, although listening to [ profile] son_of_darkness's voice post did rejuvenate us somewhat. Enough for me to drag myself all the way to the tube station, and then King's Cross, and then home without falling asleep and missing my stop, yay! :-)

And so that's that. I can now cross "attend an orgy" from the list of things to do before I die ;-) Happy Christmas everyone!
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Went to see GoF again yesterday, with about 60 other fandomers, mostly dressed up, and had a hell of a time :-) The best part was that there were also mundane people in the theatre with us, including kiddies, which made our communal squees and catcalls at, say, Cedric lying with his head in another boy's lap, or him inviting Harry to the prefects' bathroom, or Hermione ordering Harry and Ron to go to bed, all the more fun ;-)

Upon second viewing the movie didn't get any better, Moody still sucked, most of the scenes still fell flat, but I've also noticed more highly enjoyable details. For one thing, I retract my previous statement - Rita Skeeter kicks ass. The problem with her is that her storyline doesn't really go anywhere in the film, so she's pretty redundant and only takes time that'd have been much better spent showing more Draco. Still, she's fun to watch, so I can forgive her being present.

Secondly, the twins rock! They're so amazing in the film that I'm almost tempted not to hate them so much in the books.

Also, Ron's a lot of fun, like always in films. Why oh why did he get so sucky in books?! I want to love him...

Filch is unexpectedly hilarious.

Cedric/Harry is so in your face it's practically canon. And Cedric being gay, or at least bi, is canon (see previous mention of him lying with his head in another boy's lap). So is Karkaroff/Snape and Karkaroff being gay - when he's not leering at Snape he's fondling Krum, and as [ profile] son_of_darkness swears, also Neville at one point.

I posit that the "Lucius, my slippery friend." line is actually a lubricating charm. And none of the fandomers I presented with the idea yesterday disagreed ;-)

As I've already pointed out in a comment in [ profile] son_of_darkness's journal, Myrtle is so very pervy in the bathroom scene that her falling for Draco in HBP is now canon evidence that Draco naked must be a magnificent sight, and also that Malfoys are apparently hung like horses.

And speaking of Draco, as if making ferret!Draco fall into Crabbe's pants wasn't kinky enough, during the Yule Ball we can actually see Mad-Eye enjoying himself with a stuffed white ferret placed strategically in his lap, which gives the whole turning Draco into one a brand new spin ;-)

Oh, and just because I've heard it yesterday and loved it:

"Cedric and Draco
Sitting in a tree..."

or better yet:

"It's raining men!"

Anyway, after the movie I've mingled with other fandomers and met loads of great people. Unfortunately, even though they all thoughtfully wore labels with their LJ names, my sieve-like memory didn't retain one, so I don't know whom to friend :-( On the upside, I got to fondle [ profile] annephoenix's amazing snake cane, and although she refused to reenact with me the World Quidditch Cup scene so that I could determine the shape of Draco's bruises, we've got some hot pictures of Harry on his knees licking Lucius's cane out of the deal (I so can't wait for her to upload them!), so it all turned out for the best ;-)

Then I went with a bunch of people to [ profile] baleheadbabe and [ profile] lazy_daze's apartment, where we proceeded to watch maggot porn, dog porn, and finally gay porn, which I sadly wasn't able to see till the end, what with living away from London and everything. By the looks of things, others are still partying over there now, so I suppose I shouldn't have bothered trying to get home for the night. Oh well, there'll hopefully be a next time.
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So I did go to the premiere and... it wasn't quite what I expected.

Things started off pretty cool, as I went to [ profile] lazy_daze's and [ profile] baleheadbabe's apartment on Saturday, so that a whole bunch of us would get to Leicester Square together around 5 o'clock in the morning. I've met lots of new people, and we were hanging out, talking rubbish and laughing ourselves silly (lazy_daze has more on that subject). Then, after 3/2/1/0 (depending on a person) hours sleep we got up and went to Leicester Square. Practically everyone but me had a costume (which is something I do have to remedy asap), and so we had two Bellas (they'd have been really scary if they hadn't been so lovely), a kick-ass Millicent (I think I might start looking for Millicent fic now), Harry Potter all but identical to the original, a highly compelling Neville, an AU-Mary-Sue-Snape's-daughter-Slytherin Lily (try saying that three times fast), and an utterly adorable Tom Riddle. We spent the rest of the night and most of the morning camped out on two blankets on Leicester Square, trying to establish the best position to place ourselves for the premiere proper. And then we started queing, and queing, and queing some more, with all those smart enough to actually sleep the previous night joining us as the day progressed.

Things went downhill once we were actually let into the central square, for there were lots of people there, which made any movement, nevermind camping, all but impossible. As I was actually on the left flank of the group, instead of chatting with other slashers, I'd spent most of the day standing in rain and cold, listening to conversations in German and Italian which successfully drowned out any interesting fandom talk that might have been going on. Considering that my camera didn't work, Jason Isaacs wasn't coming, and I had nothing presentable with me that could be signed, I was really beginning to wonder what the hell I was doing there.

Luckily then the celebrities finally began to arrive, and it all became worth it again. Of course, sociopathically detached as I am from most characters, most of the actors didn't interest me in the slightest (though it was kinda cool to actually see Emma or Dan up close). I got embarrassingly excited at the sight of Crabbe, though, but unfortunately I couldn't get his authograph because he was too far. And then I went all fangirly at the sight of Tom Felton (poor [ profile] baleheadbabe, who was standing next to me, must have become so sick of my squealing).

Tom, BTW, is evil. At first, after getting away from the first row of journalists, he sent the fans a smile from afar and went straight to the theatre. If he wasn't the only one I was looking for in the crowd of people attending the screening, I probably wouldn't have noticed him at all. Evil! Luckily some 15 minutes later someone actually realised what he'd been up to and kicked him out to deal with the rest of the press as well as the fans. Whoever that was has my eternal gratitude (and I'd like to think that it was in fact one of the PAs milling around who heard my indignant: "What?! Nooooo! Where did he go?! Someone bring him back here!!!!!", though I'm more than likely wrong).

So Tom actually did approach the fans after all, signing dozens of autographs, chatting and posing for pictures, as if he hadn't been too scared to come anywhere near us up until that point ;-) I was so close to him I could have touched him (I'm not enough of a stalker to actually want to, though), but I didn't get his autograph, as he was mostly signing pictures and books, while all I had was a blank page. I suppose his method makes sense, or would, if it wasn't for the fact that the people in the first row with bunches of crisp photos are more often than not autograph hunters. Still, I have seen him sign three pictures before my very eyes, and somehow that made it allright for me not to have my own autograph, because I can very well imagine I do, knowing exactly what it looks like and how it's produced.

What surprised me most is that Tom isn't tall at all. Or not particularly tall, anyway. The reason that he looks like he's twice Dan's height is purely Dan being so very short. It's amazing, really, up close and personal Dan looks like such a kid it makes me feel dirty after all the fics about Harry I'd ever read ;-)

Highlights of the day:

Seeing Tom shake Devon Murray's hand. I had a weird fandomy moment when I went all jittery at the memory of the totally hot Draco/Seamus fic I've read a few days earlier.

Dan's clothes of dark green velvet, which totally looked like the "handsome dress robes" in which Harry saw Draco in HBP :-)

The fan Draco (or just a bloke with dyed blond hair) standing nearby our group. He was so gorgeous [ profile] son_of_darkness (dressed up as Harry) developed a very canonical obsession with him, while pretty much everyone else was ogling him with appreciation.

Meeting all the cool cool people. Too bad I couldn't interact with them for most of the day.


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