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I got myself a copy of Against All Odds and have been floating on a happy cloud ever since. There are pictures!

And hilarious quotes!

At the Nürburgring you’re doing 180 mph on the straight and then the track goes wiggle-wiggle-wiggle-BRAKE, and you are as busy as you will ever be in a racing car.

And :ahem: more pictures!


Nov. 7th, 2013 07:01 pm
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I haven't actually seen Thor 2 again yet because I was too busy fangirling over James Hunt :-)

There's a Rush lj community now, [ profile] idontmindit, with some great research material and discussion. Also, it's a wonderful place to waste time giggling with like-minded fans. Between that and Tumblr I am spending every free moment getting more and more smitten...

In related news, check this out:

James Hunt's website

If you go to the "About James Hunt" section you can admire my new desktop :-)
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For the first time in forever I have actually finished a fic! Sure it's just a 2000-word PWP, but considering all the sad, abandoned story fragments littering my hard drive this is huge for me.

Rush fandom is my first one based entirely on Tumblr, and although I'm still struggling with the format, I am also happy to have found others who would snort at the same quotes and pictures I am :-) The only thing I miss is the discussion :sigh:
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There have been new TV spots for Thor The Dark World released, with a few seconds of extra footage. The highlight being this:

I, however, am still obsessing over Rush and James Hunt. I’ve gone to Alastair Caldwell’s website and found this interesting insight on the Canadian Grand Prix in 1976:

The race warm up was at 10am and we had to leave the motel by seven. Normally I would have made him go to bed at 10pm, on his own, sober. But because we thought it was hopeless I just let him misbehave. (…) We were staying in a big hotel on the freeway up to Toronto. There was a band playing in the bar, a live band with a very pretty lead singer that caught James’ eye. Every break, after they’d played for half an hour, he’d trot her off to his room and then bring her back so that they could play again until the next break. This went on all evening and he got more and more pissed and so did I. At midnight I said: ‘I’m off to bed’ and he was still up, still servicing the lead singer. (…) The next day (…) we’d staggered drunkenly to the race track, did the warm up, and won the race.

Hee! He also wrote that before the Watkins Glen race he and James were dancing topless on a bar at one in the morning. Under those circumstances it’s hardly any wonder James was still asleep when Niki marched into his room before eight on race day ;-)

And since I haven't posted this yet, here's the real story of James Hunt as told by McLaren, in toon format:

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...and I'm still not over Rush. The fourth time I've seen it all the changes once again set my teeth on edge, so here's a short run-down.

Rush versus reality:

  • James Hunt and Niki Lauda were friends, not enemies. They even briefly shared a one-bedroom flat in London in 1971.

  • Niki Lauda was as much of a womaniser as James, he was just less successful at it.

  • James hasn't joined Hesketh Racing until mid-1972. By signing him up Hesketh has literally saved Hunt's career from oblivion as no other team wanted anything to do with him at that point, mainly due to his history of crashing cars. True to his reputation, in the first two races for Hesketh Hunt destroyed both of Hesketh's F3 cars. That is how he got promoted to Formula 2. It took him another year to wreck the F2 car and get promoted to Formula 1.

  • James was paralytically drunk at his wedding after a 4-day-long bender because he very much did not want to get married and was afraid he wouldn't get through the ceremony sober.

  • He promptly abandoned his wife but the two of them kept the fact they were no longer together a secret until the news of her affair with Richard Burton broke out. Hunt was delighted that she found herself a new lover because he could stop feeling guilty. He and Richard Burton became friends.

  • The vote about racing at Nürburgring took place at the start of the season, not just before the race.

  • Before 1976 Hunt has never taken the pole position, and has only won one Grand Prix. No one was taking him seriously as a world championship challenger, and he had to fight for the title of the first driver at McLaren with his teammate Jochen Mass.

  • There were 16 Grand Prix races in 1976: Long Beach, Sweden, Canada, and Watkins Glen also took place.

  • While recovering from his accident Niki Lauda missed two races - Austria and Holland. Hunt won one of those. He and Niki would spend an hour on the phone every day while Niki was recuperating.

  • In Monza the Italian officials used trumped up charges of the Mclaren team using illegal fuel to discount Hunt's qualifying time and stick him at the end of the grid where he couldn't pose any challenge to Niki. Hunt tried to charge anyway and got to the 11th place before his luck ran out and he ended up off the track in a sand trap.

  • Niki Lauda had his panic attack, where he was unable to get his car into second gear, during the first post-accident practice session, not the Italian Grand Prix.

  • Hunt never punched a journalist in Niki's defence. He was, however, a hot-head and had a history of well publicised punching incidents.

  • Ferrari appealed after the British Grand Prix and won, taking James' points away and adding extra 3 to Niki.

  • After the appeal outcome was announced Niki and James hated each other "for about six hours", goaded by the journalists reporting to them what the other one said in reaction to the news. They've made up once they got a chance to talk face to face before the Canadian Grand Prix.

  • For the next Grand Prix, in Watkins Glen, they've stayed in interconnected rooms and chased girls together.

  • Teddy Mayer would certainly have liked James Hunt to be saying meekly "I'm sorry Teddy" after the race in Japan, but Hunt was instead ranting and raving at the team for taking so long to change his tyres. Teddy did indeed shut him up by holding up three fingers to show him he was third. Hunt didn't let himself really believe it until after the press conference was finished and he realised that everyone's left and so no one would be appealing his win that time.

  • Hunt's gear lever broke not in Japan in 1976 but at a non-championship race in Silverstone in 1974, and it was at the start. He ended up driving the 40 laps-race impaling his hand on the sharp stub that was left in order to change gears. He won.


Sep. 19th, 2013 08:39 am
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] melusinahp! May you have a wonderful year :-)

I'm so smitten with Rush it's not even funny. I've seen it three times now and will see it at least once more. I keep having the score play in my head, particularly the bit from the Japanese Grand Prix, which just really winds you up :-)

Here's one more awesome featurette:

It has some of the real footage used in the film. I really love the bit in the middle with Niki and James standing by the wall talking. They're just the perfect OTP ;-)

And speaking of real footage, someone posted on Tumblr a video about the Spanish Grand Prix which includes the "big balls" interview:

Hee, so awesome! I can totally see what Chris was talking about when he said the best research material he got were the interview b-rolls from BBC, in which Hunt would act like a little kid, his attention just wandering from one thing to the next. It's amazing to see him go from that to his well-spoken public persona.
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Having watched Rush the second time I finally came to the conclusion that... I loved it :-)

After I had the time to cool off and come to terms with all the changes and everything that's missing, I was able to appreciate it for the story it was. I cried again, damn it, but I also laughed a lot more than the first time, because I managed to catch a lot of subtler things that I've missed before.

Like the absolutely genius scene of Hunt discussing with his brother the possible drives for next season over the phone while playing scaletrix. And when Peter is telling James that Lotus didn't want to sign him because his reputation precedes him the toy car flips off the track to James' indignant: "What reputation?!" Hee!

I still find it jarring that the film makes it look like James has won some incredible number of points while Niki was in hospital, while in fact there were only two races that Niki missed, and James only earned 12 points in them (3 in Austria and 9 in Holland). Incidentally that is the exact number of points Ferrari's bullshit appeal against the British Grand Prix cost James (-9 for James, +3 for Niki), so who was stealing whose points that season?!

Despite this I'm glad to say my first impression of the film being all about Niki has been exaggerated.

I'm planning to watch it again on Monday. See if there's anything else I've missed ;-)


Sep. 5th, 2013 06:48 am
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Rush premiere was on Monday on Leicester Square. And I've missed it, since I'm currently on holiday visiting my mom. Damn it. Luckily there's pretty extensive coverage available online, with countless interviews and pics. I loved that Liam showed up to support his brother :-)

What really got to me, though, were the interviews with Niki Lauda. He kept saying how he wished James could be there, that he'd love it, and that he missed him... :sniff:

I ship them so hard it's not even funny. I mean, check out these excerpts from "Hunt the Shunt":

Hunt claimed later that he felt a growing emotional bond with the Austrian as he fought back from his accident. It was a feeling he had not experienced before.

"It was suddenly very important for me that Niki should live, in a way I hadn't realised. And I felt awful because there was nothing I could do about it. There I was, sitting at home, enjoying life, when I didn't even particularly want to; I wanted to go and help or do something, and I couldn't."

Apparently Chris and Daniel ship them too:

Quizzed on whether he and co-star Hemsworth tried to emulate the famed feud between their characters on set, Bruhl said: "No, we didn't. We tried to at first, we always teased each other. But in fact, in between the takes, we invented our own relationship between Hunt and Lauda which would have been a romantic comedy!"

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James Hunt's 66th birthday would have been today. I have to admit I've been feeling like crying a lot today, which is ridiculous, and yet I can't help it. There were a bunch of tributes for James posted on Tumblr with great quotes and pictures, so I'm doing one too.

Short interview after the British Grand Prix in 1976 with James being James and bumming a cigarette off journalists interviewing him:

Quotes from

Murray Walker: “And Prost’s car is on fire as he goes into the swimming pool!”
James Hunt: “Well, that should put it out, then.”

"Berger's car is on fire!"
"No Murray, that's his rainlight."
One of the most famous Hunt corrections of all.

"Piquet has got no motivation whatsoever. He's only in F1, to keep his 45 metre yacht afloat, and his helicopter in petrol." A classic Hunt put-down.

"No hurry for the Williams team, just very important to not make a mistake. And that's absolutely fine...(matter of fact) Oh, and he's lost a wheel." Hunt not bothered that Mansell's championship dream is up in smoke.

Some interesting facts about James Hunt I’ve found in “Hunt the Shunt”:

1) "He was good at virtually every sport on the curriculum, and exceptionally good at any sport that demanded high levels of energy or good hand-eye coordination. (…) He could easily have been a world class competitor at tennis, squash or golf had he decided that motor racing was not for him. Can there ever have been a man in the history of sport who was genuinely good enough to play at the top of such varied sports? Well if there was, I don’t know of him.”

2) "He became rather an accomplished trumpet player and often played solo at public events." As per his music teacher, Nigel Davidson: "If James had decided to give trumpet playing the single-minded concentration that he lavished on his sporting activities, I have no doubt that he could have become a professional, perhaps a virtuoso, trumpeter.”

3) "Before he discovered racing, he planned a career breeding budgies and reckoned he could earn a good living at it. (…) 20 years later, the budgerigars made a comeback at his house in Wimbledon. (…) Eventually, James had some 140 budgerigars in his garden, said to be worth nearly UK£60,000.”

4) "Seven times in his career, Hunt had accidents that should have killed him. In fact, all seven were more likely to have killed him than not. The fact that he survived them was, each time, a miracle in itself. (…) No other driver of the time has defied such odds. (…) Strangely enough, the most grievous injury Hunt had ever received in a car was in a road accident, in which he had a head-on collision in his Mini road car whilst returning from a race at Brands Hatch. It was the only time he ever ended up in hospital from something he had done in a car.”

5) "No top sportsman has ever consumed as much alcohol or smoked as many cigarettes as Hunt, neither before nor since. He did both to excess. After his Formula Ford days he began smoking between 40 and 60 cigarettes a day for most of his life and, although he said he did not drink in the few days before a race, this was often not true.”

And here's James presenting the proper way of wearing racing overalls:

And look, he taught Niki how to do it too:

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There's so much new stuff about Rush! Check out this featurette, for example, about how Chris and Daniel were learning to drive in a Formula car (not Formula 1, mind you, they weren't allowed into those, but Formula 3). It also contains some new clips from the film, including one with Alastair Caldwell, who is in the film after all, played by Stephen Mangan! The scene seems to be him wishing James good luck before the Japanese Grand Prix, so I guess there'll be none of the "Get out of that car and I'll break your fucking neck," then. :sigh:

Then there's the clip with James taunting Niki back in the Formula 3 days. All the articles I've read stressed that the film exaggerates the extent of Hunt and Lauda’s rivalry, so there won't be much of their off the track friendship in the film. Oh well, antagonists are great for slashing too:

And here's a clip showing James and Suzy flirting:

The latest Empire has a review for Rush. The highlights include:

As played by Hemsworth, with more confidence, sex appeal and charm than all the 007s put together, Hunt is the hedonists’ hedonist…

or (about the amazing cinematography)

The result is far more immersive than any 3D you can imagine, and makes The Fast And The Furious look like The Ambling And The Disgruntled.


scans under the cut )
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Apparently there's a featurette about Thor 2 on the Iron Man 3 DVD/bluray. It's also available online:

I should be more excited, but I'm all about Rush these days, and there are new stills every day, eg:

Mmm, that is certainly nice, but I can't help noticing that once again film!James seems awfully overdressed. Real!James threw a hissy fit when he noticed his sponsorship deal with Marlboro had a dress code clause and John Hogan had to personally reassure him no one would ever think of trying to reinforce it. Which he later certainly regretted:

Hogan needed Hunt to attend a reception at Prince Rainier's palace on the hill, but Hunt wouldn't be coaxed out of his t-shirt and shorts. Although Hogan finally got him to wear a blue blazer over the t-shirt, Hunt didn't tell his girlfriend (Jane Birbeck) where they were going, and she too was dressed for the beach. Prince Rainier didn't seem to mind, though, and Hunt remained typically oblivious to what other people thought - although Birbeck was mortified.

Hunt would do a lot for Marlboro. He spent time every night dutifully transferring his preferred Rothmans into Marlboro packets, which, considering he smoked over 60 cigarettes a day, had to be quite a task, but he would not accept impositions on what he should wear!

Jackie Stewart arranged a dinner for Formula One notables at the home of King Juan Carlos prior to the Spanish Grand Prix. As a mark of respect for the King, Hunt swapped his shorts for denim jeans(...). But when Hunt arrived in jeans, Stewart was mortified and went into a huddle with the King's aides. Together, they deemed to scrap the plan for a formal dinner and turned the occasion into a buffet supper by the swimming pool, for which Stewart deemed Hunt was more properly dressed. The King remained unaware of the original plans.

Heh, check out this group picture of F1 drivers from the 1975 season:

One of those things is not like the others :-)

ETA: This just in, Niki Lauda agrees with me: In an interview with London’s Daily Mail Lauda said of Hemsworth, “He is unbelievably good. I admit I was astonished when I saw Chris Hemsworth as James, he talked in just the same voice. But I would say there was just one difference: James always looked like he had just got out of bed, and Chris looked like he came from a beauty salon!”

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It's all about Rush this week! There's a new teaser: Introducing James Hunt:

I love that they've re-enacted the "big balls" interview ;-) I couldn't help re-watching the original version a lot:

There are also new screencaps:

Too bad that they got James’ casual attire all wrong in the film. As per his biography “Hunt the Shunt”:

Whenever possible, and with little excuse, Hunt would strip off the top half of his clothing and his jeans, and often got down to the skimpiest underwear or swimming trunks. He would often walk around the Formula One paddock in his trunks, showing not the slightest discomfiture. Sometimes, he might as well have been naked. But most times, he would be in a sleeveless vest-type shirt with shorts, no shoes and no socks - sometimes even on live television as he walked around the starting grid.

I certainly would have preferred to see that in the film ;-)

And there's also a new interview with Chris about the film:
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I've checked the IMDB page for Rush recently and was alarmed to see that Alastair Caldwell doesn't seem to be in the film. How can they not include him?! The man who, eg. commented on James' furious dislike of testing (since it wasn't competitive driving):

"We should have hired a more competent test driver and got the car quicker. Then, on race day, we could have dragged James in on his leash, strapped him into the car and let him loose like a mad dog."


Hell, the man who did in fact drag James in on his leash and strapped him into the car for the Japanese Grand Prix in 1976, when for once in his life James was being sensible and refused to race in fog and heavy rain, stating:

"I would rather give Niki the title than race in these conditions."

[...] Hunt again told Caldwell that he wasn't driving, and again Caldwell told him he was. Hunt said to Caldwell: "Alastair, fuck this, I'm getting out." Caldwell retorted: "Get out of that car and I'll break your fucking neck." John Hogan witnessed this and remembers: "James replied: 'Oh, alright.' And that was it."

As Hunt often said, it was Alastair Caldwell that won the championship, not him. And he's somehow not in the film?! What, will the McLaren team just not have a team leader?
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The second trailer for Thor: The Dark World has been released!!!

Gah, now I'm all excited! Thor shirtless! The ponytail! Thor using whirling throw! Thor having a heart to heart with Heimdall! I want it all! Now!

In unrelated story, I've found some more hilarious tidbits while watching F1 documentaries and reading books about James Hunt. For example he and Niki Lauda had been briefly flatmates in London in 1971. And apparently that prompted Niki to offer this oft-cited comment: "I enjoy sex as much as the next man. Unless the next man is James Hunt."

Hee! Oh Niki, are you calling James a slut? ;-)
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Well, that was inevitable, really - I seem to have developed a bit of a crush on James Hunt :-) Thankfully YouTube is a treasure trove. I've found this awesome bit of an interview about the Japan Grand Prix 1976:

At quarter to eight in the morning, when I was still asleep, there was a great banging on the interconnecting door of my room. So I went and opened it, and there was Niki already in his overalls, marching into my room and saying: "Morning, I'm gonna be the ze world champion today."

Oh please let this scene be reenacted in the film!

Too bad I don't have any interest in current Formula 1. Though I am curious if the drivers still have their blood type embroidered on their uniforms. Talk about a chilling detail...


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