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I got internet access back a few days ago, so welcome back LJ! It looks like a lot happened while I was unable to check my flist, but I am slowly catching up.

As for what was going on with me, well, I moved and was settling in, mostly. I did get to do other, more fun stuff during the last couple of weekends though.

Last week I attended "Breakout", a convention for fans of "Veronica Mars" and "Prison Break", which took place in Radisson Edwardian hotel by the Heathrow airport, and which was the most brilliant thing ever. It was organised as a way for people to meet the actors from those two shows: Jason Dohring who plays Logan Echolls on VM (SQUEE!), Michael Muhney who plays Sheriff Don Lamb on VM (SQUEEE!), Robet Knepper who plays T-Bag on PB (SQUEE!), Stacey Keach who plays warden Pope on PB (squee!), and a random guy called Marc Sheppard who's apparently in Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, but since I watch neither he was a completely random dude to me. My friend [ profile] maggie33 came all the way from Warsaw to attend the event with me, so that was an additional bonus.

Now, the best thing about "Breakout" was that it was quite small, no more than 250 people, which meant that I actually had a chance to meet and talk to the actors, and even cuddle up to them for the pictures. That's right people, I GOT TO HOLD MICHAEL MUHNEY AND ROBERT KNEPPER IN MY ARMS!! And I HAD JASON DOHRING'S ARM AROUND ME!! Not to mention that I got the most wonderful autographs from them - Jason Dohring thinks I'm wonderful, I have that in writing and Michael Muhney and I will always have Paris... er, London ;-) Robert Knepper's was the least personalised, but then I didn't get to talk to him all that much and thus stand out from the other fans. It's still lovely (and creepy), though :-)

Since Veronica Mars has been cancelled (I've actually learnt that from Jason during the convention, what with me being internetless), Breakout was a great chance to say goodbye to the show. I got to thank Jason for his amazing portrayal of Logan while looking straight into his beautiful hazel eyes (stress Jason's, I thought they were brown myself, but he really insists they're not).

That, BTW, was one of the funniest moments of the convention - Jason and Michael were answering questions together, Michael using the occasion to shamelessly flirt with Jason (and I do mean shamelessly, inviting him to the "topless cell" etc. :-)) and one of the (very) few guys in the audience asked them what three features they would consider the most attractive in themselves. Jason, possibly overwhelmed by Michael's flirting, proposed they answer the question about each other, and listed Michael's blue eyes as one of the three. When it was Michael's turn, he started talking about Jason's "brown" eyes, but Jason interrupted: "They're green, you fuck!" After a moment's thought he added, "All right, hazel." To which Michael said, laughing, "Now who's gay?" I really really wish there was more Logan/Sheriff Lamb fic out there :sigh: Or Jason/Michael RPS, for that matter.

This weekend I went to meet the t00bs in Regent's Park. It was great to see everyone, and meet some new people, even if the weather didn't cooperate. We have finally been forced to abandon ship and swim over to Kye's, where we spent the rest of the evening drinking and chatting. I had to leave early to get home before midnight, but it appears the festivities lasted well into the next day.

I think after all that excitement I'll just spend the next weekend quietly at home :-)


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