Sep. 14th, 2013

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Having watched Rush the second time I finally came to the conclusion that... I loved it :-)

After I had the time to cool off and come to terms with all the changes and everything that's missing, I was able to appreciate it for the story it was. I cried again, damn it, but I also laughed a lot more than the first time, because I managed to catch a lot of subtler things that I've missed before.

Like the absolutely genius scene of Hunt discussing with his brother the possible drives for next season over the phone while playing scaletrix. And when Peter is telling James that Lotus didn't want to sign him because his reputation precedes him the toy car flips off the track to James' indignant: "What reputation?!" Hee!

I still find it jarring that the film makes it look like James has won some incredible number of points while Niki was in hospital, while in fact there were only two races that Niki missed, and James only earned 12 points in them (3 in Austria and 9 in Holland). Incidentally that is the exact number of points Ferrari's bullshit appeal against the British Grand Prix cost James (-9 for James, +3 for Niki), so who was stealing whose points that season?!

Despite this I'm glad to say my first impression of the film being all about Niki has been exaggerated.

I'm planning to watch it again on Monday. See if there's anything else I've missed ;-)


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