Sep. 5th, 2013


Sep. 5th, 2013 06:48 am
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Rush premiere was on Monday on Leicester Square. And I've missed it, since I'm currently on holiday visiting my mom. Damn it. Luckily there's pretty extensive coverage available online, with countless interviews and pics. I loved that Liam showed up to support his brother :-)

What really got to me, though, were the interviews with Niki Lauda. He kept saying how he wished James could be there, that he'd love it, and that he missed him... :sniff:

I ship them so hard it's not even funny. I mean, check out these excerpts from "Hunt the Shunt":

Hunt claimed later that he felt a growing emotional bond with the Austrian as he fought back from his accident. It was a feeling he had not experienced before.

"It was suddenly very important for me that Niki should live, in a way I hadn't realised. And I felt awful because there was nothing I could do about it. There I was, sitting at home, enjoying life, when I didn't even particularly want to; I wanted to go and help or do something, and I couldn't."

Apparently Chris and Daniel ship them too:

Quizzed on whether he and co-star Hemsworth tried to emulate the famed feud between their characters on set, Bruhl said: "No, we didn't. We tried to at first, we always teased each other. But in fact, in between the takes, we invented our own relationship between Hunt and Lauda which would have been a romantic comedy!"

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Here's an interview in which Chris and Daniel talk about their improvised romantic comedy. There's also a bit with Chris wooing Daniel in Australian ;-)


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