Aug. 29th, 2013

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There's so much new stuff about Rush! Check out this featurette, for example, about how Chris and Daniel were learning to drive in a Formula car (not Formula 1, mind you, they weren't allowed into those, but Formula 3). It also contains some new clips from the film, including one with Alastair Caldwell, who is in the film after all, played by Stephen Mangan! The scene seems to be him wishing James good luck before the Japanese Grand Prix, so I guess there'll be none of the "Get out of that car and I'll break your fucking neck," then. :sigh:

Then there's the clip with James taunting Niki back in the Formula 3 days. All the articles I've read stressed that the film exaggerates the extent of Hunt and Lauda’s rivalry, so there won't be much of their off the track friendship in the film. Oh well, antagonists are great for slashing too:

And here's a clip showing James and Suzy flirting:

The latest Empire has a review for Rush. The highlights include:

As played by Hemsworth, with more confidence, sex appeal and charm than all the 007s put together, Hunt is the hedonists’ hedonist…

or (about the amazing cinematography)

The result is far more immersive than any 3D you can imagine, and makes The Fast And The Furious look like The Ambling And The Disgruntled.


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James Hunt's 66th birthday would have been today. I have to admit I've been feeling like crying a lot today, which is ridiculous, and yet I can't help it. There were a bunch of tributes for James posted on Tumblr with great quotes and pictures, so I'm doing one too.

Short interview after the British Grand Prix in 1976 with James being James and bumming a cigarette off journalists interviewing him:

Quotes from

Murray Walker: “And Prost’s car is on fire as he goes into the swimming pool!”
James Hunt: “Well, that should put it out, then.”

"Berger's car is on fire!"
"No Murray, that's his rainlight."
One of the most famous Hunt corrections of all.

"Piquet has got no motivation whatsoever. He's only in F1, to keep his 45 metre yacht afloat, and his helicopter in petrol." A classic Hunt put-down.

"No hurry for the Williams team, just very important to not make a mistake. And that's absolutely fine...(matter of fact) Oh, and he's lost a wheel." Hunt not bothered that Mansell's championship dream is up in smoke.

Some interesting facts about James Hunt I’ve found in “Hunt the Shunt”:

1) "He was good at virtually every sport on the curriculum, and exceptionally good at any sport that demanded high levels of energy or good hand-eye coordination. (…) He could easily have been a world class competitor at tennis, squash or golf had he decided that motor racing was not for him. Can there ever have been a man in the history of sport who was genuinely good enough to play at the top of such varied sports? Well if there was, I don’t know of him.”

2) "He became rather an accomplished trumpet player and often played solo at public events." As per his music teacher, Nigel Davidson: "If James had decided to give trumpet playing the single-minded concentration that he lavished on his sporting activities, I have no doubt that he could have become a professional, perhaps a virtuoso, trumpeter.”

3) "Before he discovered racing, he planned a career breeding budgies and reckoned he could earn a good living at it. (…) 20 years later, the budgerigars made a comeback at his house in Wimbledon. (…) Eventually, James had some 140 budgerigars in his garden, said to be worth nearly UK£60,000.”

4) "Seven times in his career, Hunt had accidents that should have killed him. In fact, all seven were more likely to have killed him than not. The fact that he survived them was, each time, a miracle in itself. (…) No other driver of the time has defied such odds. (…) Strangely enough, the most grievous injury Hunt had ever received in a car was in a road accident, in which he had a head-on collision in his Mini road car whilst returning from a race at Brands Hatch. It was the only time he ever ended up in hospital from something he had done in a car.”

5) "No top sportsman has ever consumed as much alcohol or smoked as many cigarettes as Hunt, neither before nor since. He did both to excess. After his Formula Ford days he began smoking between 40 and 60 cigarettes a day for most of his life and, although he said he did not drink in the few days before a race, this was often not true.”

And here's James presenting the proper way of wearing racing overalls:

And look, he taught Niki how to do it too:



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