Feb. 7th, 2013

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I've finally found a Sif/Thor story I like! Which is sad, because in the film I kinda ship them, but there's just not much fic with that pairing out there. This one, Beastly Behavior, is only a PWP, but the author has a great grasp of both their characters. Besides, it's quite hot. What else can one ask for? ;-)

That was when Sif circled silently around a trunk and threw herself at him from behind. He crashed forward with a startled sound, toppling to the forest floor with all the grace of a felled tree. He tried to roll, but Sif was firmly on his back, her lips curled back from her teeth in triumphant grin, and she easily thwarted his attempts to get up.

"This is not -- the kind of fun I thought you were beckoning me toward," he said breathlessly.

"I know," she told him, still smug.

Then he jerked from under her in one powerful motion, rolling them, and she lashed out, elbowing him in the ribs. They struggled across the rich earth, each gaining the upper hand but briefly, and she held nothing back, treating their wrestling as if the consequences for losing would be unthinkable. By the time they reached the conclusion she was aching in the best of ways, bruised from their play and strained with exertion, but it was inevitable that she end up flat against the ground with Thor pinning her in place.


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