Jan. 24th, 2013

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I have another fic rec, this one of the more gen variety: Every creature big and small. It's a great take on the Avengers as cats meme, about Doctor Donald Blake, veterinarian, his multitude of cats, and his new neighbour Steve Rogers, who has a pet of his own. The story is a WIP, but it's just so utterly adorable I can's help recommending it. It truly is amazing how recognizable all the characters are even in their animal form, and there are numerous brilliant call-backs to the films when you least expect them. See for example this scene (one of my favourites):

“Bruce, cease this behaviour this instant!”

Steve almost jumped out of his skin when a strong voice bellowed over his head and then, he couldn’t believe his eyes, a man fell down from the sky. He landed in crouch in front of the fighting animals startling them both into momentary stillness, and then stood up to his full height.

It wasn’t a man, Steve’s brain decided when he could do nothing, but stare, it was a god. A wet, mostly naked, blond-haired and build like a Greek statue, god.

“Bruce, leave the dog alone!” and his voice... it carried. “Dog, step back for your own safety.”

And, Steve couldn’t believe his eyes, the animals did exactly that. Both tousled and worn out after a fight, they went into two different directions looking chastised.


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