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That had me howl with laughter for good 5 minutes :-)
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Ok, so there I was, minding my own business playing Fallout 4. It's mostly wandering around post-nuclear Boston, fighting ghouls, supermutants, and androids (here called synths). You also get to encounter several organisations. One of them is a military-like Brotherhood of Steel, devoted to fighting ghouls, supermutant, and synths; and led by a glowering, intense Elder Maxson:

You are actually introduced into the Brotherhood by a glowering, intense Paladin Danse, who becomes your sponsor and companion:

So far, so much like any game.

And then, after you visit the factory that produces synths, you suddenly get called in by the enraged Elder, who demands you track Danse down and kill him. Apparently, according to the factory records, the fanatically devoted soldier of the Brotherhood Paladin Danse, is a synth.

Which leads to this:

Now, excuse me Arthur (BTW, before this exchange you wouldn't have guessed the Elder even has a first name), but after your speech all I can think about is reading about machine and flesh intertwining.
I'll be on Ao3 :-)
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I hope my whole f-list had wonderful Christmas (or days off, if you're not celebrating) and are enjoying all the Yuletide fics ;-)

Here's a festive fan-art by under-base:

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I have nothing to report about Thor, but the filming of The Heart of the Sea has wrapped up. Here's Chris looking appopriately dishevelled:

And since I can't help myself, check out under-base's take on Chris and Daniel's preparation for Rush, explaining why James' favourite article of clothing never made it into the film:

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I got myself a copy of Against All Odds and have been floating on a happy cloud ever since. There are pictures!

And hilarious quotes!

At the Nürburgring you’re doing 180 mph on the straight and then the track goes wiggle-wiggle-wiggle-BRAKE, and you are as busy as you will ever be in a racing car.

And :ahem: more pictures!

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Hah! I have Thor news for once ;-) Apparently the post credits scene of Thor making out with Jane was actually Chris making out with his wife. I was wondering how that kiss was so good that I actually sat through all the credits to see it again, when the kiss in the original Thor couldn't have been less appealing.

In other news, Rush fanart is still going strong:

I guess that's what happens when the fandom is largely based on Tumblr :-)
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Bullet points today:

  • It appears Cyber will not be released until 2015, along with The Heart of the Sea, so that's a whole year without a new Chris Hemsworth film :sigh:

  • To make this somewhat Thor related - a quote from Kevin Smith:

    “Ohhhh… Chris Hemsworth. That dude’s the—nevermind the perfect Thor, he’s the perfect /MAN/. He’s on my short list…. yanno, like that list of five people you’re allowed to have an affair with if I ever meet them. I put Hemsworth at number three on my list. Would you let Thor hammer you, or what?”

    You said it, Kev!

  • And here's another awesome piece of Rush fan art:

    Now why couldn't they have made such headlines?! ;-)

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So the big news is apparently that Chris and Elsa are expecting another baby. And also, that the filming of In the Heart of the Sea has moved to the Canary Islands.

And to make my post Thor-related for once (sorta), here's an awesome cap set:

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I did finally get around to watching Thor: the Dark World for the second time, and I have to say it didn't hold my attention all that well. Once I already knew what was going to happen, all I had left was ogling Thor, and, beautiful though he was, there just wasn't enough of him. Mjolnir's desperate attempts to catch up with Thor in the final battle are still hilarious, though :-)

On the other hand the fifth, sixth, and seventh time I watched Rush I enjoyed it immensely ;-) It was only during the seventh time that I got the jolt when the movie skipped from Monza directly to Fuji, but I got over it fairly well. I can't wait for the bluray and the special features!

On that note, check out 00silvad's illustration to The cutest vampire in London:


Nov. 7th, 2013 07:01 pm
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I haven't actually seen Thor 2 again yet because I was too busy fangirling over James Hunt :-)

There's a Rush lj community now, [ profile] idontmindit, with some great research material and discussion. Also, it's a wonderful place to waste time giggling with like-minded fans. Between that and Tumblr I am spending every free moment getting more and more smitten...

In related news, check this out:

James Hunt's website

If you go to the "About James Hunt" section you can admire my new desktop :-)
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I wasn't crazy enough to go see Thor: The Dark World a minute after midnight on Wednesday, but I did go see it after work. It was great fun, there were moments I was laughing so hard it actually hurt. And I did like the overall developments of the story for the most part. Also, Thor is just so beautiful!

Someone please tell me that there'll finally be Thor/Heimdall fic after this! Also, Jane Foster actually had an important role to play, rather than just being there, but I'm still not sold on this epic love she and Thor apparently share.

Poor Warriors Three had even less to do than last time :sigh:

Awesome Avenger cameo!

I'm heartless enough that I wasn't moved at all by the dramatic developments of the story :shrug: I did like how they've set up Thor 3 with the ending, though.

The short scene at the very end of the credits is actually worth waiting for, which is annoying, because this means I'll have to sit through all the credits on each re-watch.

I'm sure I'll think of something else and will post more
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Thor: The Dark World premiere was on Tuesday. I was stuck at work, unfortunately, so was left admiring through Tumblr. It's almost strange to think it'll only be another week before the film is released :-)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] _backpages_ and [ profile] left_sider!

Marvel's Thor the Dark World promo campaign has finally lent something that works for me:

The Mjolnir slam! The banter! I love it :-)

In other news, there are now three pages of stories about James Hunt on AO3. Score!
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Thor the Dark World is being released in three weeks, and I still am not feeling it. Instead I am enjoying the rapidly expanding Rush fandom (there are now two pages of stories on AO3!). I mean, look at this fanart:

Perfection, no?
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For the first time in forever I have actually finished a fic! Sure it's just a 2000-word PWP, but considering all the sad, abandoned story fragments littering my hard drive this is huge for me.

Rush fandom is my first one based entirely on Tumblr, and although I'm still struggling with the format, I am also happy to have found others who would snort at the same quotes and pictures I am :-) The only thing I miss is the discussion :sigh:
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There have been new TV spots for Thor The Dark World released, with a few seconds of extra footage. The highlight being this:

I, however, am still obsessing over Rush and James Hunt. I’ve gone to Alastair Caldwell’s website and found this interesting insight on the Canadian Grand Prix in 1976:

The race warm up was at 10am and we had to leave the motel by seven. Normally I would have made him go to bed at 10pm, on his own, sober. But because we thought it was hopeless I just let him misbehave. (…) We were staying in a big hotel on the freeway up to Toronto. There was a band playing in the bar, a live band with a very pretty lead singer that caught James’ eye. Every break, after they’d played for half an hour, he’d trot her off to his room and then bring her back so that they could play again until the next break. This went on all evening and he got more and more pissed and so did I. At midnight I said: ‘I’m off to bed’ and he was still up, still servicing the lead singer. (…) The next day (…) we’d staggered drunkenly to the race track, did the warm up, and won the race.

Hee! He also wrote that before the Watkins Glen race he and James were dancing topless on a bar at one in the morning. Under those circumstances it’s hardly any wonder James was still asleep when Niki marched into his room before eight on race day ;-)

And since I haven't posted this yet, here's the real story of James Hunt as told by McLaren, in toon format:

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...and I'm still not over Rush. The fourth time I've seen it all the changes once again set my teeth on edge, so here's a short run-down.

Rush versus reality:

  • James Hunt and Niki Lauda were friends, not enemies. They even briefly shared a one-bedroom flat in London in 1971.

  • Niki Lauda was as much of a womaniser as James, he was just less successful at it.

  • James hasn't joined Hesketh Racing until mid-1972. By signing him up Hesketh has literally saved Hunt's career from oblivion as no other team wanted anything to do with him at that point, mainly due to his history of crashing cars. True to his reputation, in the first two races for Hesketh Hunt destroyed both of Hesketh's F3 cars. That is how he got promoted to Formula 2. It took him another year to wreck the F2 car and get promoted to Formula 1.

  • James was paralytically drunk at his wedding after a 4-day-long bender because he very much did not want to get married and was afraid he wouldn't get through the ceremony sober.

  • He promptly abandoned his wife but the two of them kept the fact they were no longer together a secret until the news of her affair with Richard Burton broke out. Hunt was delighted that she found herself a new lover because he could stop feeling guilty. He and Richard Burton became friends.

  • The vote about racing at Nürburgring took place at the start of the season, not just before the race.

  • Before 1976 Hunt has never taken the pole position, and has only won one Grand Prix. No one was taking him seriously as a world championship challenger, and he had to fight for the title of the first driver at McLaren with his teammate Jochen Mass.

  • There were 16 Grand Prix races in 1976: Long Beach, Sweden, Canada, and Watkins Glen also took place.

  • While recovering from his accident Niki Lauda missed two races - Austria and Holland. Hunt won one of those. He and Niki would spend an hour on the phone every day while Niki was recuperating.

  • In Monza the Italian officials used trumped up charges of the Mclaren team using illegal fuel to discount Hunt's qualifying time and stick him at the end of the grid where he couldn't pose any challenge to Niki. Hunt tried to charge anyway and got to the 11th place before his luck ran out and he ended up off the track in a sand trap.

  • Niki Lauda had his panic attack, where he was unable to get his car into second gear, during the first post-accident practice session, not the Italian Grand Prix.

  • Hunt never punched a journalist in Niki's defence. He was, however, a hot-head and had a history of well publicised punching incidents.

  • Ferrari appealed after the British Grand Prix and won, taking James' points away and adding extra 3 to Niki.

  • After the appeal outcome was announced Niki and James hated each other "for about six hours", goaded by the journalists reporting to them what the other one said in reaction to the news. They've made up once they got a chance to talk face to face before the Canadian Grand Prix.

  • For the next Grand Prix, in Watkins Glen, they've stayed in interconnected rooms and chased girls together.

  • Teddy Mayer would certainly have liked James Hunt to be saying meekly "I'm sorry Teddy" after the race in Japan, but Hunt was instead ranting and raving at the team for taking so long to change his tyres. Teddy did indeed shut him up by holding up three fingers to show him he was third. Hunt didn't let himself really believe it until after the press conference was finished and he realised that everyone's left and so no one would be appealing his win that time.

  • Hunt's gear lever broke not in Japan in 1976 but at a non-championship race in Silverstone in 1974, and it was at the start. He ended up driving the 40 laps-race impaling his hand on the sharp stub that was left in order to change gears. He won.


Sep. 19th, 2013 08:39 am
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] melusinahp! May you have a wonderful year :-)

I'm so smitten with Rush it's not even funny. I've seen it three times now and will see it at least once more. I keep having the score play in my head, particularly the bit from the Japanese Grand Prix, which just really winds you up :-)

Here's one more awesome featurette:

It has some of the real footage used in the film. I really love the bit in the middle with Niki and James standing by the wall talking. They're just the perfect OTP ;-)

And speaking of real footage, someone posted on Tumblr a video about the Spanish Grand Prix which includes the "big balls" interview:

Hee, so awesome! I can totally see what Chris was talking about when he said the best research material he got were the interview b-rolls from BBC, in which Hunt would act like a little kid, his attention just wandering from one thing to the next. It's amazing to see him go from that to his well-spoken public persona.
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Having watched Rush the second time I finally came to the conclusion that... I loved it :-)

After I had the time to cool off and come to terms with all the changes and everything that's missing, I was able to appreciate it for the story it was. I cried again, damn it, but I also laughed a lot more than the first time, because I managed to catch a lot of subtler things that I've missed before.

Like the absolutely genius scene of Hunt discussing with his brother the possible drives for next season over the phone while playing scaletrix. And when Peter is telling James that Lotus didn't want to sign him because his reputation precedes him the toy car flips off the track to James' indignant: "What reputation?!" Hee!

I still find it jarring that the film makes it look like James has won some incredible number of points while Niki was in hospital, while in fact there were only two races that Niki missed, and James only earned 12 points in them (3 in Austria and 9 in Holland). Incidentally that is the exact number of points Ferrari's bullshit appeal against the British Grand Prix cost James (-9 for James, +3 for Niki), so who was stealing whose points that season?!

Despite this I'm glad to say my first impression of the film being all about Niki has been exaggerated.

I'm planning to watch it again on Monday. See if there's anything else I've missed ;-)


Sep. 13th, 2013 10:21 pm
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So I've seen Rush and I guess I'll have to see it again (what a hardship ;-)) to really form an opinion. At the moment I'm too overwhelmed with contradictory reactions to think straight.

I was very impressed with Chris' performance. I didn't really expect to be able to buy him as James, but he really took me by surprise. The accent was so good even I was able to notice. His speech after receiving the RAC award was just perfect. And the first time he did the hunched shoulders I actually got teary-eyed.

I'm very disappointed with how little of what went on during the 1976 season was actually shown. Or how the things that were in would be shown in a way that made them come across as completely different. I guess it was a mistake to learn so much about the subject matter, because I did spend a good portion of the film mentally shaking my fist at the screen.

I also can't help feeling that the focus of the film was Niki's story with James just popping up as eye candy every once in a while. I guess I should have foreseen it, Peter Morgan freely admitted that his wife knew Niki and so Niki's story was his starting point, but I honestly expected the film to be about the 1976 championship and James' and Niki's rivalry for the title.

Instead, the film came across as weighted very heavily in Niki's favour - he had the best scenes, the funniest lines, and his accident and recovery are the centre of the story. Also, with how few races were being shown the film really gave the impression that James was nowhere near good enough to be actual competition and only won because of Niki's accident. Hell, Niki all but says this in the last scene.

So yeah, fuck you very much, Peter Morgan. No, making James win the Biritish Grand Prix after all does not make up for this, regardless how delighted he would have been.

I hope after I see the film again this impression will prove invalid.

I do have to give it to Morgan, though, that he somehow did manage to make the Japanese Grand Prix climactic even though on paper a race in which the two main rivals weren't really competing against each other made for a poor ending. Those last few laps were quite something.

And with the footage of real James and Niki at the end I went out of the cinema with mascara dripping down my face.
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